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11:41 pm: Tee heheeeheheee
I forgot just how great it feels to sit in my bed with a lap top in my well lap and flail my fingers away at the key board. ^_^

So I have my Mac Book Pro now. And I'm not going to lie, it's a little different then a PC and it's taking a little getting used to. I've mostly been at work and away from this little wonder but it's oddly getting easier and easier.

It is also fan-fucking-tastic to have access to MSN while I'm at home and having that connection to people once again. =p I also noticed that the Vampire Court Group on Facebook is seeing more use. Which is WONDERFUL! I miss my fellow VCers. =)

Um what else...

Oh yeah it slipped my mind when I posted stuff last.. I've been helping my buddy with his hearing aid research being a lab rat. I guess that is kinda nerdy adventure sorta... I sit in a sound proof room and listen to beeps. But yeah.. well the last time I was in the lab they pugged my ears up so I couldn't hear, and then strapped this vibrating disks to my head and like, they picked up the sound, vibrated it into my skull and the vibrations turned into sound in my brain and ah.. It was odd. There was a weird distortion to the sound but it was almost spot on.

The best way to say it is like.. You're normal hearing is like listening to a CD, and like the vibrating hearing aids are more like an AM radio. Not really the same thing but hey, I'd rather listen to an AM radio then not hear anything at all. Know what I mean?

So yeah... There we go.

I can't think of anything else to say.

Current Music: Siobhan Donaghy "Revolution in me"
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